The giant drillship “Stena Forth” arrives on the shores of Arzew to search for gas

The giant drilling ship “Stena Forth” has arrived off the coast of the town of Arzew, where the company “Energen” is expected to take over the operation of gas prospecting licenses in this region.

According to Spanish newspapers, the giant drilling ship “Stena Forth”, belonging to the company “Stena Drilling”, received a new mission in this region under a partnership agreement between the company “Chariot” and the company “ Energen”, which includes the exploitation of prospecting licenses in the Lexouai and Rissana regions of Arzew.

“Energen” now holds stakes of 45% and 37.5% in the Lexouai and Rissana licenses, respectively, and is responsible for their operation. As part of the deal, “Chariot” received a cash sum of $10 million as part of the transaction.

The drilling and testing campaign is planned for the third quarter of 2024, aimed at evaluating current gas resources, including flow testing, and targeting potential undiscovered resources to consider increased gas production. ‘Anchovy at over 1 trillion cubic feet.

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