Amazing! In Japan, a system has been developed to find people with Alzheimer’s disease who have disappeared.


The thorny problem of people suffering from Alzheimer’s has always been a real puzzle for the governments of the world who have vainly sought to put an end to it.

Today, taking into account that this problem can cause human and family damage, Japan then thinks it can solve this equation by counting on AI, the only real solution that can act accordingly.

This is how the Fujitsu Company plans to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) system to find people suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease who have disappeared, using images from security cameras installed in the streets and stores.

The system will use the walking habits of dementia patients to teach the AI ​​to recognize them from video images. The AI-based system will be connected to security cameras installed near streets and shops to track patients shortly after they leave their homes or healthcare facilities.

The system will also be able to understand the characteristics of these patients’ walking patterns by comparing certain symptoms, such as unconsciously dragging their feet while walking or taking small steps.

Comparing these walking patterns with those of other elderly people will allow the AI ​​to be trained to recognize the movements of around twenty body parts.

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