New conditions for car rental agencies… 50 million capital and 7 cars at opening

It appears the chaos that has reigned in the car rental sector is about to end, after the introduction of new specifications imposing a series of new conditions which came into force earlier this week .
In this regard, from Monday April 15, new specifications specific to car rental agencies in Morocco came into force, subjecting the latter to investment conditions different from those previously in force.

The Ministry of Transport and Logistics has called on all unions and professional representatives to inform car rental agencies of the need to sign the new specifications and comply with its provisions, from mid-April.

These provisions concern in particular new conditions relating to the head office and capital, the number of cars, as well as the training of managers, and will be imposed on those who wish to open new car rental agencies, in addition to the conditions relating to existing agencies before this decision.

The specifications agreed between the ministry and the professionals require that they justify their experience over years thanks to a certificate of registration with the National Social Security Fund, and not only by other professionals.

As for the capital, it was set at 500,000 dirhams, with the extension of the vehicle fleet from 5 to 7 cars, a measure aimed at putting an end to fraudulent practices which subsequently lead to operating difficulties.

Along with this, the remote information system will be set up, which will allow all owners of car rental agencies in Morocco to obtain, via this system, vehicle documents without having to resort to the competent services of the ministry.

It should be noted that in recent times, thousands of car rental agencies have been opened throughout the kingdom, especially in cities near airports, and some have sought to circumvent the law and exploit certain loopholes without having the required guarantees or conditions.

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