The main generators of life on the planet: “raise a forest – Plant water”


“Trees and forests attract, conserve and regulate water on a global scale. They are the main generators of life on the planet. Preserving forests, raising more, guarantees a future for our children and all living creatures.”

With this conviction in mind, the Association of Trees, Sciences and Tradition (ASET), the Averroès Foundation and the Ibn Al Baytar Association organized the Third Edition of the International Tree Forum from April 12 to 15, 2024 at the Water Museum of Marrakech in partnership with UM5 in Rabat, Cadi Ayyad University in Marrakech and the Semlalia Faculty of Sciences.

Four days of meetings, exchanges, sharing ancestral and scientific knowledge on trees, forests and their roles in the life of the planet’s waters.

This third Forum focuses on trees as the first solutions to tomorrow’s problems which are hitting the biological and social life of human populations head-on.

This event brought together around thirty international speakers, specialists in trees, forests and water, with a unique and diversified approach, combining economics, ecology, science and traditions around tree and water. The importance of maintaining water resources and forest and plant heritage in the Saharan and sub-Saharan region will be in the spotlight this year, as well as ancient and modern water management techniques. All the conferences and activities focused on the protection of trees and forests to preserve fresh water and biodiversity in the face of the climate emergency.

Conferences, round tables, film screenings, exhibitions and outings followed one another, as during the previous Tree Forums in 2022 in Pont-en-Royans (France) and in Geneva (Switzerland) in 2023.

All the speakers came to meet the public to share their knowledge, their convictions, and their common ambitions like all the elements forming a forest. The Third International Tree Forum is supported by numerous institutional partners, associations and patrons sharing the same values.

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