Unprecedented crowds at Marrakech airport… An authorized source reveals the reason

An authorized source from the National Airports Office revealed details of videos and photos that have circulated in recent days on social networks, showing a large influx of travelers at Menara airport in Marrakech.
The source explained to the electronic newspaper “Hiba Press” that the reason is due to the unprecedented growth in air passenger traffic, which growth reached 22% in the first three months of 2024 compared to the same period of the year 2023, which recorded a growth of 41% compared to the year 2022 and 8% compared to the year 2019, considered as a reference year.

This exceptional growth places a heavy load on the basic infrastructure of the airport, which experiences a significant influx of travelers (arrival of numerous flights at high occupancy rates) during varied periods of the year, day or night. hour, exposing its infrastructure to strong pressure.

Marrakech-Menara airport experiences this pressure throughout the year, particularly during holiday periods, such as recently. To mitigate the impact of this situation and guarantee the best reception conditions for passengers, the National Airports Office is working to strengthen coordination between its various airport partners during peak periods, in order to increase reception capacity. and to guarantee the availability of the various airport facilities.

In anticipation of this situation, the Office, in collaboration with its airport partners, has made efforts to mitigate the impact of this pressure, by launching projects to digitize airport services and management systems, as well as by implementing implementing a development project in the form of quick wins, currently being finalized, which will improve the reception capacity of this airport while awaiting the implementation of a project to extend this facility, including the call offers will be launched soon.

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