Morocco is worth $30 billion… “X-Links” reveals details of largest project linking Morocco to Britain

In recent weeks, the British company “XLinks” has started manufacturing the longest submarine cable in the world, which will connect the Moroccan desert to the United Kingdom. This gigantic cable will supply more than seven million British homes with electricity from clean energy from the heart of the Moroccan desert, a sign of Rabat’s success in transforming itself into a global energy source.

Britain relies heavily on Moroccan energy to meet the needs of its population, having allocated a significant budget for the largest and most ambitious project that will connect it to Morocco. It is even considered a “national project” because of its value, revenue and great benefits.

In this regard, UK-based “XLinks” has appointed Vigar Certviet Larsen as Executive Director of Technology, responsible for directly supervising the submarine cable manufacturing project.

The process includes the manufacturing of four giant undersea cables that will carry 3.6 gigawatts of electricity to UK homes by 2030, with the giant project covering a significant portion of the UK’s total electricity needs.

The first phase of the project will launch in 2027 with four cables, while the remaining three cables will come into operation in 2029, running from North Devon, UK to Tarfaya.

In the same context, “XLinks” clarified in a statement on its website that “the current cost of implementing this project will amount to between 22 and 24 billion pounds sterling, or between 27 and 30 billion US dollars starting this month,” and estimated the cost of producing the electricity generated by the project at between £70 and £80 per megawatt-hour.

This project confirms that Morocco has come a long way in transforming itself into a global source of energy, as part of King Mohammed VI’s forward-looking plan to achieve a major breakthrough in the field of renewable energy.

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