As summer approaches… visa appointments in previous news and intermediaries raise the stakes to three thousand dirhams.

“We can’t get a visa appointment and my brother couldn’t find one either,” commented one of hundreds of posts in one of the Facebook groups dedicated to explaining methods for obtaining visas. appointment for “Schengen” visas. Making an appointment for a visa has become an almost impossible mission. The sites for obtaining an appointment to submit a visa application for France, Spain and Italy are filled every day with thousands of people wanting to travel to the other side this summer, and the platforms for appointment bookers generally prefer to stay out of reach, whether due to lack of appointment availability or technical outages that never end.

Visa intermediaries took advantage of the chaos caused by the appointment method to fuel the black market and increased the cost of obtaining an appointment to over three thousand dirhams according to a number of comments on social networks.

“I kept looking for a meeting and in the end, a friend recommended a certain intermediary to me and when I contacted him, he asked me for 3000 dirhams,” commented one of the Moroccans in the same group, a comment shared by several people who encountered the same situation.

In all this, the consulates of France, Italy and Spain, being the most requested by Moroccans to obtain visas, remained watching the situation without moving a finger.

Visa appointment brokers roam near TLS, BLS and even VFS offices, looking for their “victims” who will pay for appointments that are originally their rightful entitlement.

The cafes near the visa payment service offices are full of middlemen, each offering their services without shame or shyness, and the strange thing is that they have agreed to standardize the price of the “illegal” service between them.

Visa appointments have ruined summer vacations for Moroccans even before their arrival, to the point that many have decided to change their vacation plans and change destinations from the beaches of “Costa del Sol” and others for internal destinations which will save them the effort and trouble of obtaining a visa whose appointments have become a black point par excellence.

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