Hacking of international phone calls leads to the arrest of a 29-year-old man in Tangier.

Police forces from the Tangier security prefecture managed to arrest a 29-year-old individual on Sunday evening, suspected of being involved in a case linked to the manipulation of automatic digital data processing systems and the hacking of telephone calls. .

Initial information from the investigation indicates that the suspect is involved in hacking national communications networks using a criminal method of using electronic equipment to transform international telephone calls into local calls, and receiving financial income through the difference in pricing.

The search operation carried out as part of this case made it possible to discover inside the vehicle used by the suspect in this criminal activity, wireless equipment, mobile phones, as well as 758 SIM cards and various electronic equipment and computers used to commit these criminal acts.

The suspect was subjected to a judicial investigation under the supervision of the competent prosecutor’s office, in order to reveal all the circumstances, motivations and ramifications of this case, as well as to arrest the other participants and accomplices of this criminal activity.

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