Amazing! You are a poor woman, you are obese unlike a man whose weight tends to increase with rising income.


The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) shows that nearly a third of Americans are currently obese, and the other third have a serious problem of being overweight. This phenomenon depends on several factors, namely race, class and gender. So, obesity is not just about women and black culture.

Poverty, as well as lack of education, can often predict obesity risks among black women. For example, CDC research shows that among all women, the prevalence of obesity increases more when income is lower. This is particularly true for black and Latina women, which is not true for men, whose weight tends to increase with rising income.

Education level is another factor that contributes to obesity. Among men, there is no significant relationship between education and obesity. Whereas in women, the lower the education level, the more likely they are to be obese. This is valid for blonde, black and Latin women.

In other words, for black women, more so than black men, social factors influence obesity rates. To say that black women are obese simply because they want to be does not do justice to this complex issue. The culture of a region can be a significant element, but nothing more.

In short, to solve the problem of obesity, we will have to ensure that all women, regardless of their level of education, income, race or location, have access to the same level of support, safety , and education.

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