The International Wrestling Federation approves the adoption of the flag and map of Morocco on the jerseys of Moroccan wrestlers


The Royal Moroccan Wrestling Federation announced the adoption of the Flag and Map of Morocco on the official jerseys of wrestlers.

In accordance with the general trend and the mobilization behind our leader, His Majesty King Mohammed VI, to defend the achievements and express solidarity and synergy in a collective sense for the defense of the national flag, the achievements and the sacred values ​​of Morocco , the Royal Moroccan Wrestling Federation has made a decision in line with the historic position taken by the RS Berkane team when it wrote to the international governing body asking it to adopt the Flag and the Complete Map of Morocco , has also written to the international governing body to adopt the same Flag and the same Card in its sports outfits during competitions, whether by its wrestlers qualified for the Paris 2024 Olympics, the 2025 African Championships, or the 2024/2028 Championships and competitions.

The FRML received a response from the FIL which approves the adoption of the Flag and the Map of Morocco in its sports outfits as is done in all competitions and within the five continents, thus making the work of these outfits with the National flag and reinforced with the Map of Morocco during future competitions.

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