Cannabis…issuance of 2905 new licenses

Until April 23, the National Agency for the Regulation of Activities Related to Cannabis indica issued 2,905 licenses out of a total of 2,942 applications studied in 2024, compared to 609 licenses in 2023, for a total area of ​​2,552 hectares (286 hectares in 2023).

According to data from the National Agency for the Regulation of Activities Related to Cannabis indica, 2,737 licenses were granted to 2,637 farmers in the regions of Taounate, Chefchaouen and Al Hoceïma, for the cultivation and production of Cannabis indica, compared to 430 licenses granted in 2023, and 168 licenses for 61 players (1 pharmacy, 16 cooperatives, 37 companies and 7 individuals).

The same source specified that the 168 licenses granted to actors, which are added to the 179 granted in 2023, are distributed between 48 licenses for industrial purposes, one (01) for a processing activity for medical purposes, 45 for marketing activities, 39 for export purposes, 7 for seed importation, and 28 for transport activities.

The National Agency for the Regulation of Activities Related to Cannabis indica also indicated that the National Office for Food Safety granted 73 licenses for the use of “local seeds” over an area of ​​1,262 hectares for the benefit of 73 production cooperatives (1,225 farmers) and 11 import licenses over an area of ​​286 hectares for the benefit of 22 production cooperatives (285 farmers).

The area cultivated with Cannabis indica in Taounate, Chefchaouen and Al Hoceïma increased, according to the Agency, to reach 757 hectares of “local seeds” (903 farmers), confirming that 42 products based on Cannabis indica were produced from ‘legal production in 2023, and subject to registration with the Medicines and Pharmacy Directorate under the Ministry of Health, by three actors and a processing cooperative.

These include 11 cosmetic and personal hygiene products and 31 complementary food products.

The same source also indicated that as of April 23, 2024, the Ministry of Health issued 7 registration certificates, two of which concern food supplements (herbal teas), and 5 cosmetic and personal hygiene products, specifying that the others Products currently being examined by the Medicines and Pharmacy Department will soon benefit from registration certificates.

An actor and a cooperative also exported, on April 23, 2024, 65.5 kg of Cannabis indica products to Switzerland (55.5 kg of cannabidiol (CBD) with less than 1% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and 10 kg of cannabis flowers with less than 0.3% THC). According to the Agency, another export operation of 30 kg of cannabidiol (CBD) with less than 1% THC is in the final stages of finalizing the export procedure.

The National Agency for the Regulation of Activities Related to Cannabis indica, created under the provisions of Law No. 21-13 relating to the legal uses of Cannabis indica, is responsible for implementing the State strategy in the field of the cultivation, production, manufacturing, processing, marketing and export of Cannabis indica, as well as the importation of its products for medical, pharmaceutical and industrial purposes. The Agency is also responsible for ensuring the assessment of Cannabis indica stocks and providing the relevant international bodies with the required assessments and information in accordance with the Kingdom’s international commitments. She is also responsible for issuing licenses to national and international players in the medical and industrial Cannabis indica industry, as well as seed, nursery and transport companies, as well as the creation of the first cooperatives for processing and the manufacturing of local products whose members are local farmers. The Agency is also responsible for supporting research to strengthen the use of Cannabis indica in the medical, cosmetic and industrial fields, as well as facilitating administrative procedures in coordination with the competent administrative authorities, and directing illegal activities towards legal, sustainable and income-generating activities.

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