The heir to the Dutch throne threatened to scare away a Moroccan mafia boss after his arrest in Spain

Heba Press – follow-up

A prominent member of the “Mocro Mafia” gang, a Dutch-based criminal organization with activities in Spain, has been released due to poor judicial coordination.

The Spanish newspaper “El Pais” reported that the Malaga court ordered the release of Karim Boykhrishen less than a month and a half after his imprisonment for money laundering in Spain, while the Spanish Supreme Court is still considering his request for release. ‘extradition. to the Dutch authorities, after accepting his lawyer’s appeal and paying a bail of 53 thousand dollars.

Spanish police were already able to arrest Boykhryshyn for running a drug trafficking network with at least 172 properties in southern Spain, after five years of pursuit, because tracking him was very difficult as he moved across countries to the other and he had a special team of guards, “very careful” in his communications,” according to the Spanish authorities.

When Bukhrichen was arrested in Marbella on January 9, the Spanish Interior Ministry stressed that he was “the most dangerous criminal wanted in the Netherlands.” Dutch justice accuses him of being one of the leaders of the Mocro Mafia gang, which defied the State by threatening Princess Amalia, Crown Princess of the Netherlands, forced to reside in Spain for a year for reasons of security, and the Prime Minister. Marc Rutte.

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