A heroic act.. Moroccan immigrant saves hotel guests and reveals details of the incident to Heba Press

Abdel Latif El-Baz – Italy Office

A Moroccan immigrant rescued guests at the Barberini Hotel in the Italian capital, Rome, which was besieged by a smell of chlorine, leading to the production of so-called nitrogen trichloride and cyanogen chloride, which caused respiratory problems and skin and eye burns at the hotel. guests as most hotels include swimming pools.

Heba Press sources revealed that five people were taken to hospital due to breathing difficulties, including a Moroccan immigrant and hotel workers due to severe suffocation due to inhalation of the intense smell.

According to the same sources, the hotel was evacuated and eight people were in the spa in critical condition due to chlorine inhalation, two of whom were placed in intensive care.

Courageous behavior was committed by Moroccan immigrant Al-Tayeb Abdel Razzaq, who works in maintenance at the hotel where the chlorine cloud spread. He quickly scaled the wall of the three-story hotel so he could open the French doors. the Italian Civil Protection services, which were able to control the situation, also opened an investigation with instructions from the prosecutor to find out the causes of the accident.

Local newspapers and social media activists in Italy praised what the Moroccan immigrant did and considered it “a heroic act.” In this regard, Al-Razzaq expressed satisfaction with the press interaction with the event and the praise of the Italian police for their humanitarian intervention. imposed by values ​​and principles. He continued: “What is important is that foreigners are sure that they are Moroccans and that Moroccans in general cannot hesitate to help whenever it is necessary.”

The spokesperson, who risked his life and burst into a hotel to save a number of citizens stuck in their rooms, explained: “I opened the doors and we brought in a few families, including one who was 50 years old and a 50 year old man. in his sixties, and it was later confirmed that there were no others, which placed him in the Italian people considered him a hero.

The feeling of solidarity among expatriates comes at a time when the wave of racism is rising and negative messages are being conveyed around them, from many media and some members of the far right, until “ what Abdel Razzaq Tibi did, and a number of Moroccan expatriates before him, breaks the stereotype that certain parties want to promote against immigrants.

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