Morocco participates in Cairo in the 6th conference of the Arab Parliament and presidents of Arab assemblies and parliaments

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The work of the sixth conference of the Arab Parliament and the presidents of Arab parliaments and assemblies began on Saturday in Cairo, with the participation of Morocco.

The Kingdom is represented at this meeting, which is examining a document from the Arab Parliament around “a parliamentary vision for the safe use of Artificial Intelligence”, by a delegation led by Mohamed El Bakkouri, president of the National Rally group. independents in the House of Advisors, member of the parliamentary section and chairman of the economic and financial committee in the Arab Parliament.

Speaking at the opening of this conference, the President of the Arab Parliament, Adel ben Abderrahman Al-Assoumi, stressed that this meeting is being held in a context marked by the difficult crisis that the Palestinian cause is going through, considering that this crisis reflects the fragility of the current international system, which requires a review and new rules of action, while rehabilitating international law and universal humanitarian principles.

Referring to the theme chosen for this conference, he noted that the adherence of Arab countries to AI is no longer a luxury, but rather an imperative to keep in tune with developments in this area throughout the world. , noting that AI governance has become one of the important priorities that require the development of Arab plans and strategies to strengthen its use, taking into consideration the specificities of Arab societies.

The Arab Parliament is aware of the importance of establishing a legislative framework to regulate the use of artificial intelligence, he said, recalling the adoption by this institution of the first Arab law relating to artificial intelligence.

A statement from the Arab Parliament indicates that the document titled “Parliamentary Vision for the Safe Use of Artificial Intelligence” which will be discussed at this conference focuses on the opportunities and challenges related to the use of AI in Arab countries. and the role that Arab parliamentarians can play in governing the use of AI.

The document deals with three main themes: the first concerns the achievements and advantages of AI in economics, development, politics and in the military domain as well as the challenges and threats inherent to this technology.

The second theme concerns the efforts made by Arab countries to benefit from the benefits of AI while the third theme revolves around the unified Arab parliamentary vision to achieve secure use of this technology.

After its approval by the conference, the document will be submitted to the next Arab Summit scheduled to take place in the Kingdom of Bahrain in mid-May.

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