The 53rd National Festival of Popular Arts, from July 4 to 8 in Marrakech

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The 53rd edition of the National Festival of Popular Arts (FNAP) will take place from July 4 to 8 in Marrakech, under the theme “Eternal Rhythms and Symbols” with the participation of more than 600 artists from the four corners of the Kingdom.

Placed under the High Patronage of HM King Mohammed VI, this cultural and artistic event is initiated by the Grand Atlas association in partnership with the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication, and the support of the Wilaya of the Marrakech-Safi region, the Council of the Marrakech-Safi region, the Council of the City of Marrakech and the Municipality of Mechouar Kasbah.

This major event, designed to highlight the diversity and richness of Moroccan artistic heritage, aspires to strengthen links between generations by familiarizing young people with the treasures of Moroccan popular art, indicate the organizers in a press release, noting that through captivating performances, FNAP offers an exceptional showcase of indigenous talents and their abundant creativity.

“Eternal Rhythms and Symbols” is not just a theme, but an invitation to delve into the living history of Morocco, a celebration of national identity through music, dance, singing, and crafts, explains the same source. The festival thus becomes an ode to the transmission of know-how and stories that have spanned the ages, highlighting the crucial importance of the conservation and promotion of these cultural expressions.

The preservation of traditional arts is a quest for permanence and dialogue between the past and the present. “In a rapidly changing world, where cultures intersect and influence each other, it is essential to keep alive these practices which define the Moroccan identity”, notes the same source, noting that the National Festival of Popular Arts contributes to the preservation of these priceless treasures, ensuring their sustainability and making them accessible to all, in particular to Moroccan youth, leaders of the future.

The Grand Atlas Association, with the support of its cultural and institutional partners, invites everyone to discover and celebrate this precious heritage. The enthusiasm for this edition testifies to the central place that these arts occupy in the hearts of Moroccans and their potential to move and inspire beyond borders.

“Morocco, land of contrasts and confluences, offers a cultural panorama as rich as it is diverse. Each region, from the Atlas, to the Sahara, to the coasts of the Atlantic, carries within itself a unique heritage which manifests itself through captivating songs, energetic dances and artistic expressions rooted in the depths of the ages,” adds the same source.

These traditions, passed down from generation to generation, are more than just a memory; they are the living breath of a community that celebrates life with passion and creativity.

On the stages of the FNAP, folklore, assure the organizers, comes to life in an explosion of colors and sounds, where the rhythm of the tambourines matches the cadence of the feet striking the earth, and where the voices rise to tell stories woven from myths and reality.

The shows offer a striking visual scene, mirroring a society which, while modernizing, preciously preserves the echoes of its past. Moroccan art, in all its splendor, remains a pillar of national identity, an indelible bond that unites hearts around the immutable essence of their heritage.

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