Trade union centers underline the importance of the agreement signed with the government concerning the general increase in wages

The central trade unions agreed on the importance of the agreement signed today, Monday, with the government concerning a general increase in the salaries of public sector workers.

The various trade union centers stressed that they were keen to obtain a general increase in salaries for public administrations, whether in the civil service, local authorities or public establishments, as well as for the private sector.

In this context, the Secretary General of the Moroccan Labor Union, Miloudi Moukharek, declared in a statement to the press that today’s agreement followed a series of consultations and negotiations started on March 25. , stressing that the increase in the minimum wage in the public service by 1000 dirhams represented “a very important step forward for this category”.

Regarding the reduction in income tax for all employees and salaried workers with a monthly impact of up to 400 dirhams for middle-income categories, the union official recorded that this agreement was “a source of pride for employees and tax justice for them.”

As for the secretary general of the General Union of Workers of Morocco, Noureddine Meyaara, he declared, in similar remarks, “We are today, at the General Union of Workers of Morocco, very satisfied with this historic agreement ‘on the one hand, and also because it lays the foundations for a genuine and effective social dialogue.’

Mr. Meyaara stressed that this agreement would contribute to achieving social peace and economic and social development, desired objectives based on the opening of new employment opportunities, as well as on the stimulation of investments that could also be attractive for the job.

For his part, the deputy secretary general of the Democratic Confederation of Labor, Khaled El Alami El Houairi, declared that the agreement signed today between the government and the trade union centers was “the implementation of part of the government commitments.

Mr. El Alami specified that government commitments also include “improving incomes, notably the general increase in salaries in the public sector, as well as the increase in the minimum wage for the private sector and the agricultural sector”.

It should be noted that the agreement signed today between the government and the unions, represented by the Moroccan Labor Union, the General Union of Moroccan Workers and the Democratic Confederation of Labor, covers four main points, namely the improvement of income for employees and employees in the public and private sectors, the reform of pension systems, the law governing the conditions and modalities of exercising the right to strike, as well as the revision of labor legislation . »

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