French Football Federation has banned the wearing of long socks and helmets by players

French Football Federation asked, in a letter dated February 27, which was broadcast in recent hours on social networks, to the presidents of leagues and regions to prohibit players from wearing “helmets and long, “tightly”, fearing that these articles could be associated with Islam.

The letter, written by the president of the Amateur Football League, Vincent Nolargis, considers that the wearing of helmets and long socks on the field can only be done “for proven medical reasons”, and that it is necessary, To obtain this authorization, do not settle for a simple medical certificate, but contact the medical committee of the Union Française de Football, the only one authorized to determine whether the request is justified or not.

The director adds that this equipment “cannot be worn with visible signs of belonging”, stressing that refusal to remove or hide clothing or visible signs must lead to the exclusion of the player concerned.

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