As Eid al-Adha approaches… Do Spanish merinos compete with Moroccan breeds?

More than a hundred Moroccan importers, having satisfied the legal conditions set by the Moroccan authorities, continue to import sheep from foreign markets, in particular from Spain, due to the geographical proximity of the two countries and the lower transport cost by compared to other countries.

Moroccan importers have chosen to import thousands of sheep of the renowned “merino” breed from Spain, known for the acceptable abundance and quality of its meat compared to its price in Spanish markets.

This year, the “merinos” will compete with national local breeds, including the “Sardi”, the “Berkie”, the “Tmehadit”, the “Béni Guil” and the “Dman”, among others, which are known to Moroccans and which attract their attention as Eid al-Adha approaches.

Will Moroccans have confidence in foreign breeds, particularly Spanish “merinos”? A difficult question with a disconcerting answer that will only be confirmed after the end of Eid, as the majority of comments on social media indicate that Moroccans prefer local breeds, particularly the “Sardi”, which they consider as the “market leader”.

Importers of foreign breeds, especially “merinos”, rely on their advantages to promote them optimally. Indeed, this breed stands out for the quality of its meat and is characterized by its low fat content, as well as a high GMQ (average daily gain) rate, varying between 80 and 100 grams.

The history of the appearance of the “merino” breed of sheep dates back to Phoenician times, where it lived in North Africa, that is, in Moroccan geography today, for centuries. It is the most wool-producing breed in the world.

Some historical sources indicate that it was the breeders of the time of the Marinid dynasty (1244-1465) who introduced this breed of sheep with high quality wool to Andalusia, and it is still attributed to them until today and is known as “Merino”.

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