In Rabat, trade union centers celebrate Labor Day


The main trade union centers celebrated Labor Day on Wednesday in Rabat by organizing a series of meetings and parades in different places in the capital.

These gatherings, which took place the day after the signing of an agreement with the government as part of social dialogue, were attended by union leaders and activists representing in particular the Moroccan Labor Union (UMT), the General Union of Workers in Morocco (UGTM), the Democratic Confederation of Labor (CDT), the Democratic Federation of Labor (FDT), the Democratic Labor Organization (ODT) and the National Union of Labor in Morocco (UNTM).

On this occasion, the most representative trade union centers highlighted the socio-economic context in which this year’s celebration of May 1st takes place, marked in particular by the increase in unemployment and the prices of several consumer products, which has affected the purchasing power of a large section of society.

Participants in these rallies chanted various slogans and held banners in which they expressed their demands and expressed their commitment to defending the working class and its rights, and to working to improve the economic and social conditions of workers.

They also underlined the need to continue efforts aimed at combating poverty, social disparities, inflation, strengthening aid intended for the most disadvantaged categories and consecrating the foundations of the social state, welcoming this regard to the large-scale social projects initiated under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, including the generalization of social protection, the direct social assistance program and that of direct housing assistance.

The participants in these various events also called for an increase in salaries and retirement pensions and a reduction in income tax, while welcoming the results of the social dialogue which was crowned by the signing of an agreement with the government for a general increase of 1,000 dirhams net per month in the salaries of public sector civil servants who have not benefited from a salary increase.

In addition to demands of an economic and social nature, the main trade union centers called for strengthening social cohesion and continuing mobilization and vigilance to defend national unity and the territorial integrity of the Kingdom.

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