The death toll from “massive poisonings” in Marrakech rises to 4 deaths

The death toll from food poisoning suffered by customers of the “Snack” in the Mhamid district of Marrakech stands at 4 deaths after the death of a new case in one of the city’s clinics.

Late last month, the Mohammed VI hospital in Marrakech received 26 people, including two security guards, after they were exposed to fatal food poisoning after eating a meal at a fast food restaurant in the Mhamid district of Marrakech. , not far from Al -Shukaili Mosque.

According to data obtained by the newspaper, the incident first resulted in the death of one of the victims while she was working in a cafe in the aforementioned area, while the rest of the victims were receiving treatment at the University Hospital and in some clinics, before the deaths continued, bringing the number to 4, all women.

Although the owner of the “snack” was incarcerated in the civil prison of Marrakech, the forensic reports as well as the laboratory analyzes carried out on the poisoned meal do not yet make it possible to determine the type of “substance” which caused this drama. constituted a wake-up call for health authorities and authorities to be firm in monitoring restaurants and snack bars across the kingdom, prompting authorities in Marrakech immediately after the incident to launch a massive campaign under the supervision of the governor of Marrakech. Safi.

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