The suicide of a young man in Tiznit who consumed rat poison twice

A young man in his thirties ended his life today, Saturday May 4, following poisoning resulting from the consumption of pesticides against rats, after a failed suicide attempt.

According to available information, the young man first tried to end his life at the Security Commission, on Aklo road, in the center of the city of Tiznit, last Thursday, by drinking an exterminator of rats.

Security officers were able to rescue him and take him to hospital to receive necessary treatment.

However, the deceased returned yesterday evening, Friday, to attempt suicide again inside his home in an area of ​​the Old City, which led to his death at dawn today , SATURDAY.

The public prosecutor was informed of the incident and ordered the opening of a judicial investigation under his direction to discover the circumstances of the incident and the circumstances surrounding it, and to determine the true motives of the two suicide attempts. .

The reasons for this tragic incident remain mysterious, pending the results of ongoing investigations.

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