Khouribga…recourse to violence dethrones an African citizen

Heba Press_Khouribga

Yesterday, Monday, May 6, police officers from the regional security zone of the city of Khouribga arrested a 19-year-old citizen from a sub-Saharan African country suspected of his involvement in a case linked to a violent robbery.

The suspect, accompanied by two other people, violently robbed a victim on the main street of the town of Khouribga. These criminal acts were the subject of a video broadcast on social media pages.

The research and investigations carried out in this case led to the identification of the main suspect and his arrest shortly after the commission of these criminal acts, while the seizure and search operation made it possible to find the mobile phone in his possession who had been the object of the theft.

The suspect has been kept in theoretical custody pending the investigation to be carried out under the supervision of the competent Public Prosecutor’s Office, in order to uncover all the circumstances and circumstances of this case, while searches and investigations continue to arrest the other contributors and participants in committing this criminal act.

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