Creation of a digital platform to apply for the “disabled person card”

The Ministry of Solidarity, Social Integration and Family has confirmed the creation of a digital platform to receive applications for the “person with a disability card” and manage its procedure.

In a press release, the ministry explained that draft decree No. 2.22.1075 concerning the granting of the disabled person card provides for the creation of a digital platform to receive card requests and manage its procedure. , by adopting the principle of progressive implementation of its provisions. It comes into force in a first phase in certain regions and prefectures of one of the regions, before generalizing its provisions to the entire territory of the Kingdom.

According to the decree, approved by the Government Council meeting today, as part of the constant royal attention paid to people with disabilities and the contribution to the implementation of royal social protection projects, each disabled person confirmed will receive a card called a “person with a disability card”. The decree defines the conditions required to obtain it as well as the evaluation procedure.

This decree is part of the harmonization of Moroccan legislation with the provisions of the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and its optional protocol. It also complies with the provisions of framework law No. 13-97 relating to the protection of the rights of people with disabilities and their promotion, in particular article 23. It is also part of the government program which attaches particular importance to projects and initiatives aimed at people with disabilities, given that this category requires special attention to enable them to participate in all aspects of daily life while preserving their dignity and reinforcing the principle of ‘equal opportunities.

The Ministry of Solidarity, Social Integration and the Family worked in a participatory manner with stakeholders in the social sector in general, and on issues of protection and assistance for people with disabilities in particular, by launching study and consultation workshops to assess degrees of disability. This approach, carried out in coordination with the sectors and organizations concerned, as well as in consultation with civil society associations working in the field of disability, made it possible to prepare a new disability assessment system and to adopt a normative reference approved by the World Health Organization to define the nature of disability and classify its degrees in an equitable manner.

The ministry prepared this draft decree “in a working environment characterized by seriousness and collaboration in all its dimensions, between all the sectors concerned, in particular the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of the Economy and Finance , as well as the Ministry of Health and Social Protection”.

On this occasion, the press release adds that the ministry expresses its gratitude to all actors in this category of society, to civil society associations working in the field of disability, to professional health associations and experts, for their contribution to this work which required a lot of time and commitment.

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