A huge fire affects Caesarea in the town of Berrechid “Tyre”

Muhammad Manfaluti – Heba Press

Heba Press sources confirmed that a massive fire broke out in Caesarea Ibn Khaldoun, in the center of the town of Berrechid, causing losses in many stores, in an incident that mobilized the services security, local authorities and all those involved.

The same sources add that the fire, which is still the subject of an investigation to determine its causes and count its losses, caused a state of panic among employees, traders and local residents.

For their part, civil prevention personnel were mobilized to work to extinguish the fire, while search and investigation teams were tasked with opening an immediate investigation into the incident to determine the causes. of the outbreak of the fire in order to avoid its recurrence. The investigation was carried out under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor.

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