Chapter 3/ 18th edition of the African Artistic Gymnastics Championship: References


The 18th edition of the African Artistic Gymnastics Championship had just taken place this week at the Salle Couverte Lalla Meryem in Mhamid in Marrakech

The competitions which took place in this Hall do not seem to have the expected success either in terms of results which were not favorable to Morocco, in terms of attendance where there was only one present very small handful of spectators at the time when the elements of the Delegations present played the role of attentive and enthusiastic spectators, while ventilation was greatly lacking seeing all these VIPs suffer martyrdom with the intense heat which raged all the time , knowing that the athletes greatly need fresh air to be able to concentrate on their disciplines, especially since the Hall is truly cramped for such a competition, especially in Gymnastics, which requires wider and more spaced areas to better prepare before entry into the running

It is therefore obvious that the president of the FRMGA had not taken into account this continental, Mediterranean or international alternative, insisting each time that the gymnastics editions take place here in Mhamid in Marrakech, shouting loud and clear to anyone who wants to hear that this Hall is the largest Gymnastics Hall in Africa…forgetting that the indoor Hall of the Mohammed V Complex is worth ten times this Mhamid Hall!!!

There, we can clearly see that the president is more attached to his hometown than anything else and we understand this except that he should have been content to correct a few shortcomings like the platform opposite which is literally closed to the public. while it would have been available to spectators and the National Flag and the Map of Morocco displayed on a long and wide “tarpaulin” all around the Hall… take advantage of the school holidays to bring as many students in coordination or convention of partnership with the Academy of National Education…ensure to give the opportunity to all the press organs (which he has not contacted) to share continuous publicity and approach announcements and animation for this event…call for a press conference just before the competitions to identify if there are things to be remedied, present the Moroccan men and women athletes, explains the essential purpose of this invitation to this edition and the objectives desired and at the same time distribute badges to journalists…

It does not go without saying that there was a very good mark as a result for a correct and innovative visual presentation during the presentation of the national anthems and an outstanding presenter who was able to come out with honors, giving a very honorable face for our youth on a global scale and the rhythmic stand of the light shows which enchanted all present

We hope that the next events which will take place very soon here in Marrakech at the Lalla Meryem Hall in Mhamid will be more positive and above all a complete understanding on the part of the president of the FRMGA

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