More than two billion dirhams allocated to the expansion of Tangier Ibn Battouta airport

The municipality of Tangier is responsible for carrying out the road infrastructure and multimodal links necessary to connect Ibn Battouta airport to the various centers of importance in the city of Tangier, in accordance with the multi-party agreement which was ratified during the session ordinary for the month of May.

The municipality of Tangier will contribute financially to the tune of 13 million dirhams to finance the completion of the development and expansion project of Ibn Battouta airport in Tangier. The total cost of the project will amount to 2.28 billion dirhams, including the contribution of several stakeholders and institutional partners.

The planned project, which will span an area of ​​approximately 199 hectares, includes the construction of basic infrastructure, including aircraft parking and connecting ramps over an area of ​​approximately 160,000 square meters, extension of the airport fence over a length of 6 kilometers, the creation of a total departure lounge of approximately 55,000 square meters, the construction of a new control tower with its associated equipment, as well as the development of a new road leading to the airport and a parking lot that can accommodate up to 1,400 cars.

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