Le Figaro: Algeria is losing its influence in North Africa, while Morocco is strengthening its position.

The French newspaper Le Figaro estimated that Algeria is losing its influence in its coastal environment, while Morocco is strengthening its position.

The newspaper quoted an executive official from the Algerian Foreign Ministry, without mentioning his name, as saying: “Since the coup in Mali, the relationship with Bamako has deteriorated considerably. They did not like that President Abdelmadjid Tebboune asked them to accelerate the transition process, and Algeria welcomed Imam Dicko, and we did not accept the departure of the putschists from the agreement of the Algeria.” The French newspaper also added that Algeria and Bamako are caught in a whirlwind from which they cannot seem to escape.

The newspaper also highlighted that the relationship has also deteriorated with Niger, noting that last October, the Prime Minister appointed by the Military Council addressed harsh words to Algeria, accusing it of wanting to “manipulate” the new power in Niamey, which rejected Algerian mediation.

Le Figaro quoted diplomat and former minister Abdelaziz Rahabi, speaking of “the impotence of Algerian diplomacy which was influential in the region.” He said: “What do we have in Mali? Do we have banks, businesses, teachers, doctors? We don’t have any of that, we don’t have what we call elements or tools of influence or presence. We are not visible,” he told local media.

The newspaper also quoted a former Algerian diplomat, saying: “Algeria, whose stability is shaken by coups in the Sahel region, and also due to the withdrawal of the Barkhane force from Mali, has remained in its cozy tranquility without reacting to the imposed realistic politics. And worse, it downplayed the growing active role played by non-regional powers, such as Turkey or the Emirates.”

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