Jobs of the Future: Mohammed V University of Rabat Launches the EFCOVA Survey


The Mohammed V University (UM5) of Rabat organized, on Tuesday, May 7, 2024, the launching ceremony of the “Jobs of the Future: Required and Perceived Skills and Values” (EFCOVA) survey, aimed at understanding skills needs and values ​​perceived by actors in the employment and education market for the future labor market.

The event was marked by the presence of the Acting President of the Mohammed V-Rabat University, Prof. Farid ELBACHA, participation of eminent speakers, academicians from several disciplines, experts from national and international organizations, as well as as officials from different public and private organizations. This national survey aims to collect the perception of actors in the job market and those in the education and research sector, in terms of skills and values ​​required for the job market of the future. It combines academic research with action research and allows the university to be a force for proposing public actions based on the results of the study and its recommendations, as part of its openness to its environment.

The EFCOVA study aims to bring together the perceptions of actors in the employment market and the education sector. It adopts a participatory and consultation approach, involving partners in the different phases of carrying out the study, starting with the pilot survey. This aims to collect the opinions of the students and teachers surveyed, as well as the partners on the data collection tools. The mobilization of this collective intelligence can only strengthen the chances of the success of the study and the appropriation of its results by the partners.

The work of this meeting was structured around two sessions: conferences and panels. The first aims to discuss the issues and perspectives of education in the face of the challenges of the job market of the future at the international level, and proactive projections at the national level. The second aims to present the EFCOVA study, as well as its pilot survey at the national and international level. The data collection tools presented will then be discussed by the study partners and invited experts.

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