He knocked down two young girls on the Corniche of Agadir… these are the latest developments in the case

A. Latif Baraka: Heba Press

Officers of the judicial police, under the supervision of the Agadir public prosecutor’s office, have opened their investigations into the author of the attack on two young girls, yesterday evening, Sunday, on the corniche of the city, documented by a video widely broadcast on social networks. .

In the details of this incident, the accused is a young man in his twenties, with a criminal record, who was very drunk and driving a light car belonging to his friend, after an argument broke out between him and the two girls, the nature of which was not yet known during the investigation, before he decided to crush them with another young man. He was about to confront him to stop driving in this situation.

The inmate faces charges related to drunk driving, intentional damage by a motor vehicle and damage to a public establishment.

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