Opening of a judicial investigation following the kidnapping of Moroccan nationals by criminal gangs in Myanmar


The King’s Attorney General at the Casablanca Court of Appeal has ordered the opening of a judicial investigation, entrusted to the National Brigade of the Judicial Police (BNPJ), following the sequestration of Moroccan nationals by criminal gangs operating in Myanmar, in the border areas with Thailand.

The King’s Attorney General indicated in a press release on Wednesday that certain victims and families of victims were interviewed in this context, in particular those who had filed complaints.

The results of the preliminary investigation revealed that these are criminal networks specializing in human trafficking which operate in the border areas of Myanmar and which lure their victims through work contracts in the said areas. , with international e-commerce companies, in return for attractive salaries, specifies the same source.

It turned out, however, that this approach was only a means of scamming them, luring them and exploiting them, to sequester them and force them to work in difficult conditions.

According to the first available information and data relayed by certain social networks, the General Prosecutor’s Office, calling for caution and vigilance in the face of recruitment attempts, still underway via the Internet as well as through certain intermediaries in Morocco and abroad. abroad, affirms to follow the investigations carried out by the competent services of the Judicial Police with a view to shedding light on the ins and outs of these facts, to apprehend all the people suspected of being involved in these acts and to consider the legal consequences that are necessary in light of the said facts.

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