Iran’s new president, ‘doctor’ Pezeshkian, calls for ‘constructive relations’ with Washington and European countries


The new Iranian president Mr. Pezeshkian, nicknamed the “doctor” seems to be heading towards the West on the right foot and thus “disfiguring” the old policy of the “Mullahs” who plunged the Islamic State into the most critical situations that ultimately led to global economic restrictions that plunged the country into endless crises.

Today, with the arrival in power of a new president more open to the West and with him the USA, a new page is turned towards new perspectives: “We will extend the hand of friendship to everyone, we are all inhabitants of this country, we should use everyone for the progress of the country”, declared Mr. Pezeshkian on Saturday, during his first speech since his victory, thanking his supporters, some of whom had gathered in the streets of the country in a movement of celebration.

While affirming his loyalty to the Islamic Republic, the man whom Iranians nickname “the doctor” calls for “constructive relations” with Washington and European countries in order to “bring Iran out of its isolation.”

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