Boujdour: Launch of services in six urban and rural health centers


The Minister of Health and Social Protection, Khalid Ait Taleb launched, Friday in Boujdour, the services of six urban and rural health centers, as part of the policy of rehabilitation and equipment of health establishments public.

The launching ceremony of these centers by videoconference took place at the first level urban health center “Al Moujahid Mohamed Ben Abdellah” in Boujdour, in the presence of the wali of the Laâyoune-Sakia El Hamra region, governor of the province of Laâyoune , Abdeslam Bekrate, heads of foreign services, elected officials and representatives of civil society.

Thus, at this first level urban health center in Boujdour, Mr. Ait Taleb launched the services of five other health centers aimed at ensuring the proximity of health care services for the benefit of the population of the province. .

In this context, the target population will benefit from the services of the diagnosis and treatment center for respiratory diseases, in addition to two first-level urban health centers, namely “Al Aouda” and “Attanmia” and two rural dispensaries “Aftissat” and “Agtti Lghazi”.

These new structures are part of the continuity of the establishment of a health infrastructure adapted to the implementation of the Royal Guidelines relating to the generalization of universal health coverage and social protection, particularly with regard to concerns the construction, rehabilitation and equipment of primary health care establishments.

These health establishments, which are part of the new generation of primary health care establishments, will provide a varied range of health services and a range of treatments including general medical consultations and nursing care.

They will also monitor chronic diseases, notably tuberculosis, respiratory diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure, in addition to monitoring maternal and child health, school health, as well as health awareness and education services.

In a statement to MAP, Mr. Ait Taleb indicated that the upgrade of these health centers in the province of Boujdour comes as part of the implementation of the guidelines of HM King Mohammed VI who does not has continually insisted on the need to bring care closer to citizens.

These health structures will undoubtedly contribute to alleviating the pressure on other health establishments, particularly emergency services, he continued, noting that they are equipped with a computer system allowing the patient to benefit from a digital medical record valid in all health establishments.

The commissioning of these health centers will strengthen the local health offer in Boujdour and restore trust between citizens and these health structures, he continued.

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection, which has mobilized qualified human resources to ensure medical and curative services to the population, has equipped these health centers with modern equipment and high-quality biomedical devices.

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