CWUR ranking: Mohammed V University of Rabat first in Morocco and in the top 4.9% of the best universities in the world


The Mohammed V University of Rabat (UM5R) is ranked the first University at the national level, according to the latest ranking of the International Center for Ranking World Universities (CWUR), which revealed its results in May 2024, and which highlights the 2000 best universities out of a total of 20,966 universities worldwide. Only four Moroccan universities appear there. Mohammed V University – Rabat is also ranked very high at the Arab and African level and in the top 4.9% of the best universities in the world.

On the research quality indicator, UM5R ranks 958th in the world with a score of 70.5. Note that the UM5R represents nearly 25% of scientific production on a national scale.

The Interim President of Mohammed V University, Prof. Farid EL BACHA declared that the excellent results obtained in recent years are the fruit of long, diligent work and concerted efforts of all stakeholders of the University, teachers , researchers, administrative & technical executives and students.

Note that this international ranking is based on four key indicators, namely the quality of research (40%), the quality of training (25%), the winners occupying important positions in large companies (25%) and the quality of the teaching staff having obtained international academic distinctions (10%).

The data used for this ranking comes for the research part from the best scientific newspapers and journals indexed in large databases.

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