Moroccan aeronautical sector exports reach record figures and exceed phosphate sales


The Office des Changes indicated in its bulletin on monthly exchange rate indicators that Moroccan exports increased at the start of the year, particularly those in the aeronautics sector.

The Foreign Exchange Office indicated that exports of the air sector increased by 23% to reach 1.89 billion Dirhams, recording the largest increase, exceeding those of phosphate and its derivatives, which increased by around 17.5 % and reached 6.2 billion Dirhams.

Moroccan exports of electronic and electrical appliances also increased by an increase of 13.3% to 1.98 billion Dirhams, and exports of the automotive sector increased by 8.3% to 10.84 billion Dirhams. Dirhams, then exports of textiles and leather increased by 2.8% to 3.58 billion Dirhams.

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