Algerian “Ben Sedira” denounces the failure of his country’s embassy in Paris and compares it to that of Morocco


The leader of the Algerian regime Saïd Bensedira described his country’s diplomacy as a failure, citing the lackluster presence of the military embassy in Paris compared to the Moroccan diplomatic representation.

The blogger, known for his propaganda in favor of the military regime, expressed his anger against Algerian officials, in particular his country’s diplomatic representation in Paris, which did not cover an exhibition in the French capital in front of a strong Moroccan presence of products and visitors.

Bensedira estimated that the role of Algerian diplomacy in France was limited to “congratulations”, intelligence and tracking down opponents of the regime, forgetting the tasks assigned to them and which, according to his description, present an honorable image which suits the military, given the exorbitant amounts of money they receive.

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