French police intervene in the attempted assassination of Algerian opponent Amir Boukhors.

Algerian journalistic sources reported that French police intervened in the attempted kidnapping of social media activist Algerian Amir Boukhors, known as Amir DZ, an opposition figure.

The same sources indicated that the French police decided to open an investigation into the attempted kidnapping of Algerian political refugee Amir Boukhors.

This reaction by French police follows a failed kidnapping and assassination attempt aimed at identifying individuals who presented themselves as police officers to the Algerian activist near his home earlier this month.

Earlier, Algerian police arrested his brother, accusing him of receiving money from Amir, the money being allegedly extorted by the blogger from well-known personalities.

Algerian celebrities were also arrested, accused of being linked to Amir DZ’s network, as reported by local media at the time.

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