A Moroccan company is participating in the launch of a non-stop, zero-emission green hydrogen plane.

This is Morocco, ladies and gentlemen, the country of challenges, the country of skills and the country of the creation of miracles, the Morocco of progress which advances with sure steps forward, indifferent to the barking of certain neighbors, who sleep on news from Morocco and wake up for them. And as long as you’re in the lead, it’s okay for fingers to point at you and tongues to whisper about you, both covertly and openly out of resentment and envy.

This time, a new event of which we, Moroccans, can be proud is the participation of a Moroccan company, accompanied by a Moroccan university, in a major global project consisting of launching a green hydrogen plane in 2028 non-stop and without emissions during a world tour.

In this context, the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) and the OCP group, specialized in phosphate fertilizers and the main investor in the development of green hydrogen, have joined the main partners of the “Climate Impulse” project.

As we said previously, this project, to which several global giants have joined, aims to launch a green hydrogen plane in 2028, non-stop and without emissions, during a world tour.

The signing ceremony of the partnership agreement at UM6P was marked by the presence of the legendary explorer and pilot Dr Bertrand Piccard, president of the company Climate Impulse, and Dr Ilham Khadri, CEO of the company Syensqo – main partner of the project.

Development of the aircraft began in 2022, including research, feasibility studies and designs, with the support of big names in the industry. This adventure sends a strong message, showing that the modernization of our world and its decarbonization are possible today.

The participation of UM6P and OCP in this project reflects their commitment to this vision and their determination to play an active role in promoting United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 13, which concerns the fight against change climate, as well as their desire to support global initiatives for a sustainable future.

UM6P and the OCP Group, along with Syensqo, will play a key role in the process of solving the technological challenges associated with Climate Impulse, including managing the extreme temperatures required to maintain liquid hydrogen at -253 degrees Celsius, as well as the design and manufacture of appropriate thermal reservoirs.

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