Loudiyi: “Morocco fully supports initiatives aimed at establishing a safe, secure and resilient cyberspace”


Morocco fully supports initiatives aimed at establishing a “safe”, “secure” and “resilient” cyberspace, indicated Monday in Marrakech, the Minister Delegate to the Head of Government in charge of the National Defense Administration, Abdellatif Loudiyi. .

In a speech at the opening of the Africa Cybersafe Symposium, a major event being held on the 27th and 28th in Marrakech, at the initiative of the General Directorate of Information Systems Security (DGSSI), under of the National Defense Administration, Mr. Loudiyi stressed that Morocco has constantly advocated for more cooperation between countries in the field of computer security, adding that in this seminar, “our country demonstrates its full support for initiatives aimed at establishing a safe, secure and resilient cyberspace, and reaffirms its commitment to an African Continent that takes full advantage of the opportunities offered by the use of new information and communication technologies.

“Today, we have not only gathered to debate, but also to lay the foundations for a resilient Africa facing the challenges of cybersecurity,” continues Mr. Loudiyi, noting that the digital transition to which “we all aspire , remains dependent on the efforts that we will deploy to establish an environment of trust to facilitate this transition.”

Morocco, under the enlightened leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, has always paid particular interest to the issues of digitalization and digital trust. The implementation of the first national cybersecurity strategy developed in 2012 enabled our country to make tangible progress in strengthening the resilience of the national cyberspace and improving the security of our information systems, recalled The Minister.

He added that the commitment and determination of all stakeholders were crowned by an improvement in our position in the global cybersecurity index of the International Telecommunications Union.

In the same vein, the new national cybersecurity strategy 2030, adopted during this year, reflects a strong ambition to consolidate the achievements and capitalize on the achievements accomplished so far, explained the minister, noting that “our ambition is to put all the ingredients on our side to support and accompany the digital transformation considered as a real lever for economic and social development.”

And added that improving cybersecurity governance, strengthening the resilience of national cyberspace, developing capacities, raising awareness and strengthening international cooperation, are the main levers of intervention, noting that on the register of cooperation, “our commitment remains unwavering in favor of all regional and international initiatives”.

Considering the cross-border nature of cyberspace, strengthening cooperation, whether bilateral or multilateral, is now a priority. “In accordance with the vision advocated by His Majesty King Mohamed VI, our Continent aims to benefit from all the potential it abounds and it must also explore the opportunities offered by South-South cooperation as an innovative tool facilitating combining efforts and optimizing resources,” said the minister.

The recent creation of the African Network of Cybersecurity Authorities will undoubtedly give new impetus to African cooperation in cybersecurity. Thanks to the involvement of its members, the network should soon launch promising actions and ambitious programs to strengthen our collective capacities and improve the posture of the African continent in the field of digital security.

Morocco will spare no effort to participate in the rise of the network, he said, while inviting the members of the said network to adopt a policy based on the exchange of expertise and the sharing of information.

In a spirit of pooling and solidarity, “we are willing to share successful experiences in this area and to share the opportunities created with our partners, brothers and friends of Morocco,” noted the minister, adding that “We are here for an African continent confident in its capabilities and which defends its interests. It is a call to join forces and be part of a resolutely constructive dynamic to guarantee a prosperous digital future for our countries.”

Held in execution of the High Royal Instructions, the Africa Cybersafe Symposium, which is held on the sidelines of GITEX Africa 2024, brings together more than 450 Arab and African participants including public decision-makers, business leaders, government officials, professionals of cybersecurity, as well as researchers and academicians.

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