Act 3: everything you need to know about the Moroccan anti-doping agency’s conference-debate, “together for a doping-free sport”


The Moroccan Anti-Doping Agency is not left out in being able to fully take control of the destiny of solutions that could perfect the sports sector here, especially in the area of ​​doping.

Indeed, the road is difficult, not only because the Sports Federations are not on the right track, but also because coaches, managers, various executives and officials are not fully and precisely aware of the subject of doping, not out of ignorance but because they feel that they don’t care because, almost all of them if you ask them to explain the scientific definition of anabolic steroids, their types, their composition and their harmful effects , you will discover that they know nothing about it or will pretend not to know the details, at a time when anabolic steroids are continually used in continuous use.

It must be recognized that the question of doping remains above all a question of education, a culture which should be taught in schools from a very young age, popularized on all networks for advertising or promotional use so that the harm is cut to the roots.

The fact remains that the Moroccan press and media have their share of responsibility for this problem, which they fail to properly grasp at the right moment.

It cannot be denied that doping is a very important subject in a society which is in no way interested in measuring its seriousness and that it will have to be taken seriously into account, unless AMAD, the Ministry of Education and of Sports, the Federations, the Moroccan National Olympic Committee, the Clubs, the Associations, the parents and mothers make a considerable effort to define the exact scope of what the scourge of doping represents.

AMAD has certainly taken all the necessary measures to reduce attachment to this “virus”, however, there will need to be real monitoring to eliminate its misdeeds for life, AMAD being a policy within the policy of the virus. State and that the State is obliged to make reference in matters of Rules, Laws and to know how to decide firmly to better understand the subject at its true value…in the right way…Otherwise…

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