Agreement for the construction of the new central headquarters of the Royal Moroccan Karate Federation between Mr. Chakib Benmoussa and Mr. Mohamed Mouktabil


Chakib Benmoussa, Minister of National Education, Preschool and Sports and Mohamed Mouktabil president of the Royal Moroccan Karate Federation, signed, today Tuesday, May 28, at the headquarters of the ministry, an agreement for the construction of the central headquarters of the Royal Moroccan Karate Federation.

This agreement aims to supervise the various procedures and stages relating to this project, while ensuring the necessary financing, and is part of the efforts deployed by the ministry to provide the necessary sports infrastructure and supervision, train and prepare athletes to achieve outstanding performances in national and international sports forums, with the aim of promoting and advancing sports in our country.

After the demolition of the old center located near the Prince Moulay Abdallah Sports Complex in Rabat as part of the development project for the Kingdom of Morocco’s hosting of the 2030 World Cup, the Royal Moroccan Karate Federation, chaired by Mr. Mohamed Moktabel, took the initiative to seek effective solutions after the demolition of the previous center.

On a previous occasion, the President of the FRMK emphasized the search for solutions that meet the aspirations of Moroccan athletes and karate enthusiasts within the framework of the continuity of higher training, by making available to them pioneering and distinguished infrastructures.

He praised the efforts of Minister Chakib Benmoussa, who approved the creation of a national karate center in Maàmora, in Salé.

In the meantime, the FRMK has rented sports accommodation in the form of a hotel in Bouznika, to provide accommodation in good conditions for its athletes.

Mouktabil stressed that another sports center will also be built in Ifrane in order to diversify and improve the infrastructure for the practice of karate, as well as the continuation of the training, sports and study program for Moroccan champions.

It should be noted that the FRMK, in its working methodology, is always keen to provide infrastructure in line with the programs outlined in its work program, which has borne fruit by obtaining good results at the Arab, African and African levels. international.

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