AFNOR Group in Morocco, 20 years of certification and training of economic actors


AFNOR Morocco, reflecting the economic dynamics of the country, has just celebrated an exceptional moment: 20 years serving Moroccan success, in a superb special evening which took place on May 16, 2024 at Le Casablanca Hotel, located at 19 Boulevard Moulay Rachid, 20660 Casablanca, a memorable evening under the theme of water and the role that companies and AFNOR Maroc must play for the coming years.

With more than 500 active certificates on international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001, ISO 22000, and many others, AFNOR Morocco is a key player in the market. In addition, in terms of training AFNOR Maroc offers more than 30 themes such as quality management, hygiene, environment, safety, CSR, efficient water management, carbon footprint and development sustainable. Among the most requested are IRCA certified training courses.

Regarding future prospects, Morocco positions itself as a major player in sectors such as renewable energy, the automobile industry, tourism and information and communication technologies. AFNOR Maroc supports its clients in all these areas both in MOROCCO and internationally with a reinforced presence in Africa and the Indian Ocean islands. Export represents 25% of activity.

With a recommendation rate of 95% in 2024, AFNOR Morocco has established itself as a key player for certification and training services in Morocco. Water, a new support issue

Water-intensive industries and consecutive years of drought make water shortage a structural and recurring problem in Morocco and throughout the world. Like all its partners in the international network, AFNOR Maroc’s mission in its 5-year development plan is to encourage companies to implement an efficient water management system, developed in the international reference standard, ISO 46001, and measuring the water footprint, an innovative methodology explained in ISO 14046.

“AFNOR’s ambition is to contribute to improving the water efficiency of economic activities and to support changes, by generalizing water diagnostics, by encouraging the use of water in a closed circuit, by adapting the practices recommended by international standards to the specificities of the country, alongside important industrial sites,” comments Lilia LAHLOU, General Director of AFNOR Morocco.

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