Le Figaro: “Morocco, one of the best countries for French retirement in 2024”


Morocco was ranked on a short list of twenty-one countries in the world, established by the daily “Le Figaro”, where the French can enjoy a peaceful retirement.

This ranking was carried out by the Parisian newspaper in its 2024 list of the countries most popular with French seniors and which present good conditions for settling in, on the basis of a detailed analysis of 28 criteria including, security, living environment, the health system, leisure, cost of living, confidence, joie de vivre and attractiveness.

To choose these 21 countries which appear in the ranking among those of the entire globe, “Le Figaro” carried out an initial sorting by selecting those which met the following criteria: at least 1,000 retirees living there on December 31, 2023 according to the figures from the National Old Age Insurance Fund, at least one million inhabitants and at least one green zone (normal vigilance) larger than a city in the country according to the security map of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, before passing with a fine-tooth comb the countries chosen according to the 28 criteria it retained to announce its prize list.

In 2023, Morocco was chosen among the most popular destinations for French retirees, ahead of several European countries.

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