Merino Sheep are the Cheapest: Here are the Prices of Sheep in Large Shopping Centers

Like every year, large shopping centers used their spaces, particularly parking lots, to set up large tents for the exhibition of sheep and goats in the run-up to Eid al-Adha.

Large shopping centers competed to display different breeds of rams, especially the most demanded breeds like the Sardi, Berkhi, Beni Guil, Timahdite and the D’man breed, in addition to imported foreign breeds like the Merino.

The selling prices of sheep varied this year in large shopping centers, but they experienced a relative increase compared to the previous year, with an increase of at least ten dirhams per kilogram. Eid sheep are sold in large shopping centers by the kilogram, that is to say according to their weight.

According to observations by Hibapress in certain shopping centers in Casablanca which exhibit sheep and goats, the kilogram of the Sardi breed increased from 70 to 83 dirhams this year.

The price of a kilogram of the Berkhi breed is sold this year at around 75 dirhams instead of 65 dirhams last year, while the price of a kilogram of goat reached 75 dirhams, while it was 65 dirhams during the Previous Eid.

The Spanish Merino breed, of which significant quantities have been imported, is also offered for sale, but not in all spaces and shopping centers, only in some of them, and the sale price has been set at around 60 dirhams per kilogram.

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