Manufacturing industries: Slight increase in the PPI in April 2024


The producer price index (PPI) of the “Manufacturing industries excluding oil refining” sector recorded an increase of 0.1% during the month of April 2024 compared to the previous month, according to the High Commission to the Plan (HCP).

This increase is the result of the 1.3% increase in prices for the “Clothing industry”, 0.7% for “Manufacturing of metal products” and 1.2% for “Manufacturing of beverages,” indicates the HCP in its recent information note on the industrial, energy and mining producer price index (IPPIEM).

Added to this development is the 1% drop in prices for “Manufacturing of rubber and plastic products”, 0.1% for “Food industries”, “Chemical industry” and “Manufacturing of machinery and equipment”, and 1.7% of “Woodworking and manufacturing of wood and cork articles”.

Furthermore, the IPPs of “Extractive Industries”, “Electricity Production and Distribution” and “Water Production and Distribution” experienced stagnation during the month of April 2024.

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