“RAM” tickets between the United States and Morocco exceed 2 million cents as Eid approaches.

Social media pages are flooded with numerous posts from Moroccan migrants residing in countries like the United States and Canada, expressing their anger at the high cost of plane tickets, especially in countries where there is only one carrier. monopoly airline serving the market to Morocco.

In this regard, publications by some Moroccans from America and Canada have explained that plane tickets on Royal Air Maroc “RAM” planes sometimes exceed 2 million centimes between the two countries as the holiday approaches. ‘Eid al-Adha.

A Moroccan from America wrote a comment saying: “I have four children and my wife, we want to go up to Morocco for this Eid to share the holiday atmosphere with our family. We are six people and we need 12 million cents to pay RAM to celebrate with our parents, it’s too expensive. »

Another added: “RAM is really exaggerating, round trip tickets at exorbitant prices, do you think Moroccans living in America are finding money lying around? We too are struggling to live and we want to go to our country to see our loved ones. »

Many similar publications and comments agree that the prices for airline ticket reservations with Royal Air Maroc “RAM” are too high, especially since it is the only direct air carrier between the United States and the Morocco, while waiting for the month of October when a new airline will be opened between the two countries by an American company.

The Moroccan National Tourism Office has already signed an agreement with the American airline “United Airlines” to open a direct airline between New York and Marrakech in order to promote tourism. Under this agreement, the Moroccan National Tourism Office will finance part of the operating costs of this airline, with the aim of attracting more American tourists to Morocco.

Under this partnership, the American company United Airlines will launch a new airline linking New York City to the Moroccan city of Marrakech from October 2024. The flights will be operated by a Boeing 767-300 with a capacity of 167 seats.

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