The funeral of mohammed lamsayeh by reuters and al massae by images


It was on the afternoon of Tuesday June 4, 2024 that the deceased Mohammed Lamsayeh was buried after the Addohr Prayer at the Sidi Belabbes cemetery in Salé in the presence of a large audience of his colleagues, friends and relatives.

We will note the effective presence especially of Mr. Mohamed Meqrouf, the head of Communication at the FRMF, of Mohamed El Jeffal, representing the AMPS, our journalist friend Mustapha Zitouni from Parliament, as well as other colleagues from different organs of National press and Lakhdar Ennouali from BeIn Sports

Mohammed Lamsayeh has certainly left us for the afterlife but his image, his portraits, his memories and other interpretations in life will remain ingrained in our memories forever because he was one of the most admired of all Moroccan journalists here and journalists elsewhere for his kindness, his positive approach and his good-natured sense

Lamsayeh has and will forever remain alive in our thoughts

Today, we can only wish him true Peace for his soul. May ALLAH Have the deceased in His Holy Mercy. We are to ALLAH and to Him we return

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