After the scandal of lying about 300 million tourists… Algeria aspires to compete with Morocco

According to the British newspaper The Independent, Algeria aspires to rival Morocco and Tunisia in the field of tourism, after decades of stagnation and neglect of this vital sector on the part of Algerian governments, which finally realized the need to diversify their economic sources and not limit themselves to gas and oil only.

The British newspaper affirmed that Algeria’s ambition faces competitors in the region, notably Morocco, stressing that the latter attracted more than 14 million tourists last year, while Algeria does not has not exceeded 3.3 million tourists, knowing that almost half of them are expatriate Algerians.

The Independent also underlined that Algeria is banking on its diversified tourist assets, still little known to tourists around the world, to attract foreign tourists, particularly because of its Islamic and Roman archaeological sites, while developing its hotels, accommodation tourism, and by improving its road infrastructure, among others.

This report comes after Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune launched “fake news” about Algeria’s alleged capacity to produce 1.3 billion cubic meters of desalinated water per day. The Minister of Tourism, Mohamed Mokhtar Daddah, then presented astronomical figures and fanciful data on the reality of tourism in Algeria.

This comment from the Algerian Minister of Tourism sparked a wave of mockery on social networks, with users calling it a “global lie”, expressing surprise that a state official would not be embarrassed to openly lie.

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