Taroudant: A sexual assault on a young girl reveals shocking facts about her rapists

This week, a serious incident broke out in the Zaouia Sidi Taher community, in the province of Taroudant, which was widely disseminated on social networks, notably via the WhatsApp application. A video shows a young girl in a difficult situation, saying she was the victim of violence. and rape by a group of young men who were in… The situation of anesthesia and residents of Al-Baarir roundabout in the same territorial community mentioned.

What is dangerous in this affair, which spread like wildfire among the inhabitants of Douware, Zawia Sidi Taher community, is that I, the young girl, admitted that she was infected with the “AIDS” and that the young men had had sexual relations with her without a medical examination. The video also included the girl’s confession that she told the young men she was infected with the disease, but they proceeded to gang rape her.

We do not yet know whether the Taroudant gendarmerie services have opened an investigation into this case and into the fate of the rights of the young girl victim of rape and violence.

The newspaper previously published an article about the spread of drug dealers in the Red Command area, especially the Adawumn group, especially in the Afkir roundabout, where drug dealers and neighborhoods are active.

The Zaouia Sidi Taher community is considered one of the closest areas to where these drugs are promoted, so the majority of young people started using them, which created resentment and destruction within the community. the population, and the theft spread. .

Faced with these dire conditions and in the absence of security patrols by the relevant authorities, the situation will worsen day by day with the spread of crime and the spread of immorality and sexually transmitted diseases.

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