Algerian hypocrisy: 10 political parties support Tebboune’s 2nd term. Names of supporters


Ten political groups which met this week at the El Bina headquarters of Abdelkader Bengrina under the slogan: “national political forces for the success of the presidential election”, expressed their support for a second mandate for the current President Abdelmadjid Tebboune.

Present were Abdelkader Bengrina, Tahar Benbaibèche president of the El Fadjr El Djadid Party, Djamel Benabdeslam of the New Algeria Front (FAN), Abderrahmane Salah of the Union of Democratic and Social Forces (UFDS), Kamel Bensalem of the Algerian Renewal Party (PRA), Ahmed Laâroussi Rouibat of El-Wassit Essiyasi, Ali Amara of the Algerian Green Party for Development (PAVD) as well as the presidents of the National Entente Movement (MEN), El Karama, the Party of Liberty and Justice (PLJ) ​​and the Elite and National Skills Forum.

These political parties therefore evaluated “the achievements and acquired during this presidential mandate”, and concluded that President Abdelmadjid Tebboune perfectly “honored his commitments made during the previous presidential elections”

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