“Boxing Night Nador”: this international event is very positive, will strengthen the position of Boxing in the region and will help to revitalize the economic activity of the city.


The day before yesterday, Saturday, the sports hall in the city of Nador vibrated very loudly as it hosted the adventures of an international boxing event “Boxing Night Nador”.

This Event is organized respectively by the Associations of Outman, Mohammed Ali and the Rif Youth for Boxing.

The expected goal of this organization was to strengthen the position of boxing in the region and to encourage young people to practice this discipline.

Mr. Ammar Ben Omar, the founder of Fath Riadi of Nador (FRN) declared that this event is an excellent opportunity to follow the evolution and performance of our young representatives against international adversaries while hoping that this event will find echoes among fans of this discipline and sporting circles in our region.

For his part, Mr Mustapha Kabouss, a Moroccan national residing in Belgium, underlined the importance of this type of events in the development of the skills of young boxers.

He added that “such events will give young players a chance to compete against other boxers belonging to different schools in order to

give their best in the ring »

Nadoris sports circles eager for this competition also expressed their support by declaring: “The organization of such international events in our city is a very positive thing, and that such events will contribute to revitalizing the economic activity of the city.”

This event saw the presence of fans and passionate supporters of Boxing as well as well-known sports personalities on the national and international scenes.

Also this event was a favorable opportunity to improve sporting cooperation and the exchange of experiences between national and international boxers.

This major sporting gathering is an important step towards the development of Boxing in the region and the strengthening of its position at the national and international levels.

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